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“Breaking the ice”

Posted on: September 29th, 2010 by Admin 16 Comments

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  1. sendo says:

    well he is scared of Mizuho, he doesnt really like the girl and she’s INSANE about him. so my idea makes sense. and at least have him surprised.

  2. Queenoichi says:

    Really sendo make ikkaku with a scared look ikkaku is never scared of anything unless he out of his body and someone took over it and he’s scared like in the kendo episode

  3. sendo says:

    i agree with Curse, Cirucci and Mizuho r the only ones u havent done yet tmk. i got an idea for both:
    Mizuho- Mizuho dominating Ikakku on floor/couch/porch with an excited look on her face, and she is holding Ikakku’s sword to his throat, and Ikakku has a scared look. To add a lil bit of comedy, u can have Keigo in background, watching but crying and Yumichika video taping. Title Suggestion,”Marry Me… Or Else”
    Cirucci-Cirucci being raped by Pesche and Ishida in that area where they fought, either guy on either side. Ishida having a confident look on his face, Pesche confused, and Cirucci ashamed. Title is up to u or anyone else.

  4. Curse says:

    Cool image! What about Mizuho pics, Robert? i think she is the only bleach girl i never seen in a hentai pic

  5. sendo says:

    yea, i remembered that

  6. sergej says:

    Ayon is the monster created by Harribel’s team.

  7. sendo says:

    o, wait, nvm, half-asleep here, lol

  8. sendo says:

    who is Ayon?

  9. sergej says:

    Nice one… I’d suggest to make one with Hinamori & Matsumoto raped by a double-dicked Ayon: one above the other.

    It should be called “Sorry, Rangiku-san”

  10. That Guy says:

    Nice Threesome, love the expressions; Matsumoto looks like she wants Hitsugaya to switch to her already

    If you’re in the mood for some yuri I was thinking maybe a picture of Lisa dominating a completely naked Nanao and call it “Reunion”

    I’ve also noticed a request for a picture of Hyourinmaru x Matsumoto and Hitsugaya x Haineko with Haineko and Matsumoto kissing that sounds good.

    Whatever you decide can’t wait to see what’s next from you Robert

  11. Dragon says:

    I was just wondering when will you do a threesome pic with them and now It’s here and you did a pretty good job on the pic Robert!Especially with the face expressions:)

    Here is a new suggestion:

    Halibel in her resurection form with big breasts giving a titfuck to Starrk and the title of the pic would be ‘ Not lonely anymore’.

  12. XXXHENTAI says:

    You did a very nice job on theri expressions :)

    Could you do my suggestion for Ikkaku and renji getting handjobs from Matsumoto wearing a schoolgirl outfit,and having her boobs out,and being wet? And call it,”Human Activities?”
    Also maybe a picture of Kira and Hisagi double penetrating Haineko?If you could,that would be great

  13. sendo says:

    Nice pic, but u allrdy used this title, but its still cool, better than old one. Plz dont forget to do my Halibel group idea soon.

  14. Queenoichi says:

    Yea its great but didn’t you already use this title

  15. kal says:

    This image is beautiful there is nothing to say facial expressions and chest position is perfect I love it really great job Robert

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