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retsu unohana


Posted on: October 2nd, 2010 by Admin 10 Comments

retsu unohana

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10 Responses

  1. farhan5988 says:

    she rocks

  2. Santa says:

    hey awsome pic i love it!!!!!!!!!!and i have a suggestion make one where Ichigo is fucking Senna best doggy style in Ichigo’s room and call it “Fucking Great Sleepover”

  3. ichigo says:

    Kal you and I have the same taste in the next girl of the week. And good ideas for requests.

  4. sergej says:

    “Sorry, Rangiku-san” or “Too much for us”

    Hinamori and Matsumoto fucked by a double-dicked Ayon, who holds both for the legs, one above the other (Hinamori very excited and Matsumoto scared).
    I don’t know if someone knows the hentai movie called “Himekishi Lilia, Vol. 3″: I mean something similar to the final scene.

    “Everything for Harribel-sama”

    Harribel’s team in lesbian mode, Sun-Sun on top squeezing her tits, Mila Rose under her licking her pussy and Apache using a dildo with the second one.

  5. forthis says:

    Nice work! Love the expression on her face.
    For next weeks Bleach girl I vote for Isane.

  6. Kal says:

    Not bad position and expression of its excellent Unohana.
    Me for BLEACHGIRL OF THE WEEK for next week I vote Darkrukia.

    Here are my suggestions

    Ichigohollow (the mask with horns) and Inoue in this position and call (Protect) or chosen a title that you like.

    Sode No Shirayuki and Zangestu and call it (black and white).

    Darkrukia and Ichijo and call (remember) or (remember me).

  7. Dragon says:

    This is the perfect pose for Unohana!Nice pic Robert! You’ve caught Unohana’s face really well on this pic!:)
    For next weeks Bleach girl I vote for: Kotetsu Isane.

    Here is a new suggestion:

    Halibel in her resurection form with big breasts giving a titfuck to Starrk and the title of the pic would be ‘ Not lonely anymore’.

  8. That Guy says:

    Nice work, she’s easily one of the most under-appreciated women in Bleach in my book. I vote for Nanano for next week

    Anyway I thought I’d recommend Matsumoto getting double penetrated by Gin and Hitsugaya (doesn’t matter who takes which spot) and call it “Prodigy Collector” since both of them became shinigami thanks to her

    And there’s still the Lisa dominating a naked Nanao called “Reunion” if you’re interested

    Great work as always Robert, you’re the best there is

  9. Queenoichi says:

    Yea its a nice pic but like sendo said unohana boob are way bigger but still nice drawing and for next week i guess i vote isane also

  10. sendo says:

    Holy shit, nice work robert! tho, i do believe Unohana’s breasts r bigger, but great otherwise! I vote Isane for next week. Plz do my Halibel group idea soon. and from this, i got a new idea.
    Unohana riding Ichigo in that one place where they r going to world of the living from Hueco Mundo. My title suggestion: “The Path of Healing”. Have an excited look on unohana’s face and a dumbfounded/surprised look on Ichigo’s face.

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